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What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms, often also referred to as Exit Rooms, are a new engaging form of recreational activities in Düsseldorf which are growing more and more popular. A team consisting of 2-7 players is locked inside a room which is modelled on a particular scenario. By collecting clues, logical thinking and teamwork, the team’s mission becomes to solve the various puzzles and escape within a time frame of 60 minutes. There are no physical or intellectual requirements to enter a game – only alertness and logical thought. Our Escape Rooms are crafted and planned into the most meticulous level of detail and are sure to bring our participants an exciting and rewarding experience. Teamwork is the key to success – By finding clues such as objects and combining them in the right fashion your team can solve the puzzle. The escape rooms may very well consist of more than one room! Our team is constantly working on new challenging ideas, concepts and improvements, so that we may always offer our customers original and entertaining experiences.

How many players can participate?

Usually, the appropriate number of players is noted on each mission. If not stated otherwise, the amount of players ranges between 2-7 players.

What is the course of a game?

The game begins with a short briefing of 15 minutes. After that, the clock starts ticking and the game is on. The briefing period is of course considered within our booking system! Just arrive in time and you and your group is set and ready to go. However, should you and your team run late, the amount of time will be deducted from your game-time.

How do I book an Escape Room?

The booking is actually very easy.

1. Choose your Escape room
2. Click on an available date on the calender
3. Choose an available target date
4. Fill in the booking form and choose your preferred method of payment - Voíla!

What is the appropriate age of participation?

Children at at the age of 14+ can participate without parental supervision. If parents are present, the games can be entered by minors as young as 10 years.

Can I bring more people than I actually booked the room for?

You may bring as many people as you like, as long as it does not exceed the limit of players for each mission. You will also only pay for the actual number of participants in case that one of your team members cancels the appointment.

Can I host a birthday party in your Escape Room?

You can of course use our events for birthday celebrations. Our games will make sure that you and your guests will be pleasantly entertained and share an astounding experience.

Can the Escape Room be used for company outings and team building events?

Our Escape scenarios are perfectly suited for business events and team-building exercises! Work colleagues will be confronted with a series of challenges that can only be solved by teamwork and collaboration.

What happens if we are stuck on a puzzle and can't move forward?

Do not worry. If you are stuck on one of the puzzles and challenges, we will assist you with practical advice.

My question is not listed here

No problem! Just contact us via our contact form, write an email or call us directly.